Science and Religion

When you have a science lesson at school do you ever wander weather Scientific facts clash with your faith. For me when being taught about the theory of evolution or the Big bang theory I often wander. Lots of people say that science and religion contradict each other and that they can never co-exist. I disagree with this and I am going to talk about the reasons why I think this is wrong. Here at RCG we love Jon Oleksiuk`s videos about Christianity this video really describes some of the reasons why I disagree with the statements above. This video is also a part of the inspiration behind this post.

Often the main argument is that of creation and how the universe was formed. There’s lots of evidence which points towards the big bang being the creation of the universe and not it just appearing. But what you have got to remember is that Genesis is quite metaphorical and that the story in the bible is written in a way which we can begin to understand because God is so powerful we may not be able to even comprehend how God created the universe. Secondly, Science was created to try and understand how God did things and the patterns through out the universe that sort of makes religion the founder of science even some of the greatest scientific discovery’s in history were driven by religious ideas. I love the quote from Albert Einstein “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” This can tells us that Science tells us how the world works and then religion tells us why it works that way. Thank you for reading, please feel free to leave a comment on your views.


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The New Scape is produced by a team of christians passionate about sharing the good news that our sins are forgiven because Jesus died for us. It is filled with content tailored for youth.

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Bellow we have a great testimony written by a teenager in the midlands.

I have grow up in a christian family and when I was little I didn’t really understand who this God everyone in church was talking about. But it is only very recently that I have realised who God is and what everyone was talking about. In these past couple of years I have really felt that God has been with me.
Last year at Spring Harvest I had a really hard time because my older sister was leaving me out but God helped me get through everything.This year at Spring Harvest I was really worried about going because I was going alone to my group but I found some really nice and friendly people who I made friends with on the first day. This year I have really felt God with me, helping me through my first year at secondary school and helping me find me who God really is.
I felt really sad when I first felt God was with me. It felt weird but powerful, it also felt like I was reaching out to him but I didn’t know how I was doing it. The best solution I found was just simply to pray about it to get people to help you, to pray with you.  Last year and this year I have felt God so much and he has helped me so much that I decided to be baptized, which will happen sometime in the summer. Probably the most challenging thing about being a christian is whether you have made the right choice and the choice I have taken is to baptized. 

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The New Scape

Hello and welcome to ‘The New Scape’. This website is an interactive and media filled resource that has been created by the team at RCG. You may already know that RCG create and update a christian blog known by many. You can access their website here.

This collection of pages, produced by the team from RCG  is aimed at christian teenagers wanting to expand their knowledge of their faith and grow in their relationship with God. The video below was made by Jon Oleksiuk and describes the Christian faith in 2 minutes.

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